Woman Complacently Listens to Stranger’s Nonsense

Carla, a 40 something by the looks of those crow’s feet, was in the produce section of her local grocery store, deciding between buying green peppers or buying cucumbers, when all of sudden a man, whom Carla did not know, made a remark about how delicious green peppers are. Carla agreed with his statement, believing that the conversation would end there. But she was wrong. The man mistakenly took her response as some kind of implicit recommendation that he should keep talking.

Being that “peppers” and “politics” both start with the letter “p,” one can imagine how quickly his unwarranted monologue turned from pepper talk to his personal opinions about the public education system, health care, income tax, and social security. Carla, understanding that interrupting him with a declaration of her desire to continue her shopping in peace would make the situation more awkward than it already was, stealthily replaced her presence with her emergency life-sized cardboard cutout of herself.

After removing herself from the situation she was able to continue her shopping unbothered. Although, upon exiting the store, she witnessed the man still speaking to the cardboard cutout. When asked for a comment about her experience, she said “Who are you? How did you get into my apartment?”

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