The One True Nut Has Returned

We thought we had seen the last of the Carolina African runner peanut (aka the One True Nut), but we were wrong. Though the One True Nut hails from Africa, South Carolina rebranded the One True Nut in attempts to be known as the “fun” Carolina. South Carolina used the One True Nut in cakes, candies, and other delicious food. But they never became the “fun” Carolina. They were just trying too hard. In fact, they were trying so hard that the One True Nut almost went extinct.

Luckily, North Carolina State University came to the rescue, storing a lowly 40 seeds in its cold-storage seed vault and roasting South Carolina for its tomfoolery. Silly South Carolina… Some years ago, peanut-enthusiast and horticulturist Brian Ward invested his time and skill in restoring the True Nut population to its previous glory.

Now, merely 90 years after the near extinction and several years after Ward came to the rescue, 15 million True Nuts have been produced commercially. Chefs and peanut butter makers alike will celebrate the return of the One True Nut by using all of the nuts for their peanut products.

Surprisingly, the One True Nut’s hypnotic powers have also returned to their fullest extent. Heirloom seed grower Nat Bradford claims, “Even the fragrance of the peanut bush is amazing.” Bradford is an actual person who actually said that. We didn’t have to make this up. Click the quote to see the NPR article where we found that because we’re totally serious. Regardless, everyone is entranced by the One True Nut’s awesome power. So if you love nuts, hop on the One True Nut wagon.


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