So This Is What 2017 Looks Like

Oh! Hello there, 2017. We didn’t know what you were going to bring us, and we were scared. But, hot darn, are we relieved to see this fire raining down from the sky. Appropriately, we assume that this is an indication of how the rest of the new year continue. Each night reds, yellows, blues, and every other color that we could possibly imagine will be shot into the sky and brutally set on fire, from there they will slowly fall back to the earth’s surface. Maybe the fire dies on its way down, maybe it doesn’t.

People will gather and scatter and gather again in public places, just to distract themselves. They’ll seek intoxication, loud music, and bright lights. Next, in a cult-like fashion, they’ll start chanting numbers. It seems that they count backward from 10 to zero. Once they reach zero, the rain of fire begins. Currently, it’s unclear whether the number initiates the fire, or the fire interrupts the counting.

Whatever the case, Bad Words Entertainment is keeping its eyes on the sky, waiting, watching, and investigating. Have a happy New Year, and more importantly, stay safe.


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