Girl Scouts Are Back to Take Your Money

Get ready for a kick in the teeth and an empty wallet because the Girl Scouts are coming to your door, and they’re not taking “no” for an answer. It’s Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary of cookie selling, and they’re still shaking up the cookie flavor game with two new s’mores inspired flavors this year.

If you prioritize your chocolate intake, then the first new flavor is for you. They’re a single crispy graham cookie with a layer of icing on top dipped in chocolate.


More of a graham cookie gremlin? The second new flavor traps a layer of icing and chocolate between two, count ‘em, two graham cookies.


Both cookies are called the Girl Scout S’mores because Girl Scouts helps girls grow strong, not creative. If you want creative, you’ll have to send your kid to art school or theater camp.

Figure out which cookie you like best by eating an entire box of both. Why not? You have to treat yourself.

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