So You Think You’re in Love

At long last, you’ve finally met the love of your life, the apple of your eye, the Hagrid of your Hogwarts. Maybe they were sitting next to you in class, standing across from you on the train, or lurking in that dark alleyway you pass on your way to work. Where you found your soulmate is your business. Helping you feel less alone in the strangeness of your emotional state is our business.

First thing’s first, try to determine whether you are actually in love. You very well might be having a psychotic episode, heart attack, or stroke. Medical attention might be necessary. However, if you are in love you might be experiencing some of the following symptoms:

General increase in energy

You require less sleep than usual or you don’t need that morning coffee anymore. Perhaps you jump around your house all day or go for a two-hour run even though you haven’t exercised whatsoever since grade school.

Thinking of that special someone all day

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to escape thoughts of your beloved. During your sleepless nights, two-hour runs, and workdays. It’s debilitating. Nothing actually gets done anymore. The house is dirty, the laundry unlaundered, and the work reports unfiled. Your boss is about to fire you. No! Your boss has already fired you.

You want to make them happy

If it makes your lover happy, it makes you happy. When what makes them happy is something you did, it makes you even happier. Should that mean telling a silly joke, introducing them to Bad Words Entertainment, or bringing them a muffin, you’d consider yourself down for the cause.

Still think you’re in love? We hope so. Looking for a way to deal with this overflow of emotion? We have some suggestions.

Get your job back

Try to have something that’s all your own. It could be a job, a hobby, a friend, a beanie baby (they’re so cute and little!). It’s important to keeping doing normal person things, even if you don’t feel normal anymore. Plus, it’ll provide you with some new things about which you can talk about with your lover. Which reminds us…

Make sure your lover knows how you feel

Otherwise it’s stalking…

Hope this helps!


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