Human Race Decides it Doesn’t Need Knowledge Anymore

Tell us something we don’t already know…

A new study out of leading genetics research company deCODE claims that the sequence of the genome associated with seeking knowledge is under negative selection (aka natural selection is diminishing the presence of this sequence in nature). Don’t whip out the ol’ dunce cap you keep in your closet right next to your skeletons. The decline is steady, and there are actions that can be taken to offset the change.

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Over several decades, deCODE analyzed gene sequences of over 100,000 participants in Iceland. The researchers found that people who sought higher levels of education had fewer children than those who did otherwise, meaning that smarty pants are passing on their nerdiness on at a lower rate than than regular pants are passing on their normalness. In all fairness, this is not conclusive evidence that the human race is getting dumber. Much more research and many more people believing fake news would be necessary for any respectable, quirky entertainment website to make a claim like that.

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The surprising suggestion of this study is its correspondence with a 0.04 per decade drop in IQ. Though this number seems small now, it could have a significant impact in the human population as a whole in future centuries.

In the way of these major changes to the makeup of the population stands the the increased availability and quality of education. Also, in the age of technology and the internet, accessing information has become easier (and will probably continue to get easier). So don’t give up hope in humanity just yet.


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