Instagram-Worthy Glasses from Firmoo

Is Firmoo too good to be true? Not exactly. I bought two glasses from the online optical store recently, and I still have conflicting feelings over whether I’ll ever shop here again.

What is Firmoo?

Firmoo is an online eyewear store selling prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses for only tens of dollars. No frame style costs more than $39. However, that price tag doesn’t include lens add-ons or shipping and handling. They offer such a wide variety of frames that I found myself glued to their site for hours.

How’s the customer service?

The company emails you when they get your order to let you know that they received it, and they are working on your glasses. When they ship your glasses, they email you again with a USPS tracking number so that you can continue getting updates on your glasses. A day or so after you get your glasses, they email you again to tell you that your glasses have been delivered. They remind you that the glasses come with a three-month warranty. If you have any problems with your glasses, you can respond to that last email and get feedback from a customer service representative.

On their website and in their emails, there’s a lot of broken English. It made me nervous about ordering from this website. Using Paypal as a payment intermediary at checkout made me feel safer as a shopper on this site. I’d recommend new shoppers who want glasses from this site use Paypal as well. This Investopedia article about the safest Paypal practices made me feel better about ordering from this website too.

How fast is shipping?

I ordered the glasses on July 2 and received them on July 10. When buying glasses from a physical optical store, it takes about two weeks for me to get my glasses. So I was surprised that, with Firmoo, it only took eight days.

What did I buy?

I bought purple tortoise-patterned prescription glasses (style number #Q5501) priced at $29.99.


Image Credit


The second pair of clear prescription glasses is an oversized brown tortoise pattern (style number #S939) priced at $23.99.

Image Credit

Adding anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV protective coating, like I did with my glasses, will cost about $10. Standard shipping was $5.95.


The packaging is worth a mention. Both glasses came with a soft case, hard case, screwdriver, spare screws, and cleaning cloth. Since the purple glasses have nose pads, they were packaged with spare nose pads as well.


The map designs on the cases differ; it’s a nice touch.


When I received the glasses, I immediately noticed that the purple glasses needed to be adjusted. The nose pads and temples were crooked. The screws in the front of the glasses were loose, causing the frames to wiggle every time I picked them up. I’m comfortable using a screwdriver and adjusting my glasses, but I’ve never had to adjust a pair of glasses so much. Know that if you buy glasses with a lot of individual parts from Firmoo, you should be comfortable adjusting each of those parts.

In both glasses, my prescription is right on point. Where my brown glasses feel as durable as my old pair of Ray-Bans, the purple glasses feel more fragile. Though I’m happy with the look of the frames and the quality of the lenses, I’d avoid buying mixed-material frames (like the purple glasses) from this company again.

Because there was a BOGO sale going on when I purchased these glasses, I saved $23.99. Check the next section for ongoing deals.

What kinds of deals do they offer?

Firmoo offers a “free” pair of glasses to new customers. The “free” is in quotes because customers still have to pay shipping and handling. The actual total comes out to about $10, which is still a great deal, but it’s not free. For returning customers, check out the 50% off select frames using the clear50 coupon code. If you want two pairs of glasses, check out their BOGO sale.




All prices are in USD. This is not a sponsored post.

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