The Cuter-Than-Ray-Bans Glasses from EyeBuyDirect

Is buying prescription glasses from EyeBuyDirect worth the money? Heck yes. Recently, I bought a pair of glasses from the company. Now, I never want to go back to buying $200 glasses from a physical optical store.

What is EyeBuyDirect?

EyeBuyDirect is an online optical store, selling prescription and nonprescription eyewear at affordable prices. A subsidiary of lens company Essilor, EyeBuyDirect designs and manufactures all of their frames, which slashes the costs of the glasses without sacrificing quality. They have good-looking glasses for as low as $6.


How’s the customer service?

After purchasing my glasses, the company sent me a reminder that the glasses construction process happens in four steps: selecting frames and lenses from their inventory, cutting and bevelling the lenses, fitting lenses into the frames, and shipping the glasses to the customer. The company sent me an email at each stage to let me know how close my glasses were to being shipped.

Normally, once the glasses are shipped, customers can track their package using their given USPS tracking number. I wasn’t so lucky. After receiving an email stating that my glasses had been shipped, I checked the USPS tracking information. The website said that there was no available tracking information for my package. At first, I thought that the tracking information hadn’t been updated because it can take up to a day for the information to update. That couldn’t have been the case because I checked almost every day and USPS said that there was no available tracking information. I began to worry that my glasses were never shipped. I thought that the company might be some huge scam. I was happily proved wrong. I did receive my glasses. It’s unclear whether the issues with keeping me up to date were a USPS mishap or an EyeBuyDirect accident. Regardless, it was the only problem I faced as a paying customer.

How fast is shipping?

I ordered the glasses on June 26 and received them on July 6. It took 11 days for my glasses to get to me, which is standard. Even when buying glasses from a physical optical store, a two-week wait is typical.

What did you buy?

I bought the Concorde-style frame in brown/silver ($15). The lenses are my correct single-vision prescription with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV protective coating ($18.95). Standard shipping was $5.95. My order total came out to $39.90 for the complete pair of glasses.


The glasses came in a colorful cardboard box which was decorated with a summertime theme. Also inside the box, there was a soft pouch for carrying and cleaning the glasses, a tiny screwdriver, and a card advertising their premium RFLKT line of eyewear.


Overall, I was satisfied with my purchase and the packaging. The box itself is so cute that I’m keeping I use it to store glasses that I’m not wearing. The quality of the glasses themselves remind my of the Ray-Bans I’ve been wearing for years, and I’d definitely shop here again.

What kinds of deals do they offer?

For new EyeBuyDirect shoppers, I’d recommend using my referral code at checkout (IF1BGNEE6J) or following my referral link. It’ll save you $10 on your first purchase. As of posting this review, the best deal I see for returning shoppers looks like a coupon for 10% off your order: WC10 (restrictions apply). Check their coupons page to see their active coupons whenever you shop.


If you’d like to see more about online glasses stores, check out this list of the seven optical shops with prices so reasonable it’ll bring tears to your eyes. Then, it’ll bring your wallet out of your purse. Then, it’ll bring fashionable glasses to your eyes about two weeks later.


All prices are in USD. This is not a sponsored post.

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