You Can Buy Eco-Friendly Eyewear from Coastal

Who knew that you could buy eco-friendly glasses? The online eyewear store Coastal did.

What does Coastal sell?

Coastal (called Clearly in Canada) sells contacts, prescription glasses and sunglasses, as well as non-prescription glasses and sunglasses. They carry their exclusive brands: Derek Cardigan, Joseph Marc, and more. They also carry mainstream brands: Ray-Bans, Vera Wang, and more.


What are eco-friendly glasses?

Coastal offers environmentally conscious frames from multiple brands, and the term “eco-friendly” holds a different meaning to each brand. To the eyewear brand Evergreen, their frames are eco-friendly for two reasons. First, every Evergreen frame is made of up to 95% recycled materials. Second, they plant a tree for every pair of glasses purchased.

To the Main + Central eyewear brand, being eco-friendly has a different meaning. Their environmentally conscious frames are made of Natura acetate, which they describe as “a highly durable, long-lasting material that can be biodegraded when you’ve decided to move on to a new style.” Just because they’re biodegradable, doesn’t mean you should throw them away the second your prescription changes. Main + Central encourages their customers to send their frames back so that they can be recycled. As an incentive, Main + Central will give you $5 to spend towards your next pair of glasses. Since their glasses are only $35, including Standard Air prescription lenses, a $5 credit is a significant incentive.

There are more brands with environmentally conscious frames, but Main + Central’s eco-friendly mantra resonated with me the most. I bought a pair of Main + Central’s medium-sized glasses in a style called Tuesday.

How fast is shipping?

Shipping was faster than I expected. I ordered my glasses, and they were delivered four days later.

What exactly did you buy?

Brand: Main + Central

Style: Tuesday-M

Eco-Friendly: Yes!


Image Credit


How did the glasses turn out?

The Tuesday frame is one of the highest quality frames I’ve ever owned. It’s unique gold accents on the side set this frame apart from any other clear frames I’ve seen. This frame has spring hinges which allow the temples to stretch beyond 90 degrees without losing their shape over time. In the hand, the glasses feel sturdy enough to throw across the room. As tempted as I am to do that, I’ll do my best to contain myself.


Other glasses I own that have spring hinges are noticeably noisier when compared to the Tuesday glasses. When I stretch the legs of the other frames and engage the springs in the spring hinges, there’s a whirlwind of creaking sounds. My eco-friendly glasses, on the other hand, are as quiet as a mouse.


The crystal frame came with a soft case, a hard case, and a cleaning cloth.


They also came with a friendly little message on the inside of the frame.


“Designed in Vancouver. Built in China. Made for you.” How cute is that? “Made for you.”


The only thing clearer than this frame is that the massive amount of thought and compassion which Main + Central put into their designs and their brand as a whole. Being eco-friendly isn’t a selling point to them, it’s the natural conclusion to having a carefully constructed, heart-warming product.

What’s the best way to get your hands on a pair of Main + Central glasses?

As of the posting of this article, they have a coupon going for 30% off frames when customers use code BRIGHTNOW. The coupon code excludes designer brands and lens add-ons. Save some money. Save the world.



All prices are in USD. This is not a sponsored post.

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